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Some affirmations to become able to control and transform anger:


I am in control of my emotions, and I choose to respond with calmness and understanding.

I release any anger and resentment within me, allowing space for forgiveness and healing.

I choose to respond to challenging situations with patience and compassion.

I am the master of my emotions, and I channel my anger into positive and productive actions.

I release the need to hold onto anger, and I embrace peace and harmony within myself.

I am worthy of love and respect, and I express my feelings assertively and constructively.

I choose to let go of the past and focus on creating a positive and joyful present.

I am in tune with my emotions, and I allow myself to process anger in healthy and beneficial ways.

I am surrounded by supportive people who understand and respect my feelings.

I am capable of resolving conflicts peacefully and finding solutions that benefit everyone involved.


Remember, affirmations work best when repeated consistently and genuinely. Practice these affirmations regularly to help shift your mindset and transform anger into more constructive and positive emotions. Additionally, consider seeking professional support or anger management techniques if you find it challenging to manage anger on your own.

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